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Meet Phil Parker.....

He's been hired, fired, acquired, merged, purged, downsized, rightsized… but never capsized.

A seasoned businessman and former CEO, Phil Parker delivers.

Living in Germany as the Managing Director of European Operations for a technology company, Phil has first-hand knowledge of the global economy. He understands the business, cultural and ethnic issues facing businesses today as they seek global recognition and international expansion.

His experience in Operations Management, Franchise Development, Sales and Sales Training brings a wealth of personal experiences, stories and expertise. Phil shares his techniques for putting risk in perspective, getting comfortable with the discomfort of change and discovering the possibilities before you and the potential within you.

Phil's heart-to-heart personable style connects with audiences on all levels. He has faced life's experiences head on and shares the richness of those experiences and lessons learned with wit and wisdom. Phil has the gift of perspective.

Creating an environment that gives individuals an opportunity to begin to evaluate where they are in their personal and professional lives, his message encourages audiences to seek balance in their lives which fosters increased productivity in their work environment.

  • Hundreds of organizations have engaged Phil Parker as their featured or keynote speaker.

  • Phil's ability to effectively collect and present information garnered over 35 years of professional business experience leaves his audience with new ideas they can implement immediately.

  • Radio stations across the country are seeking his expert advice for their interview programs.

  • Phil has presented and worked in many countries giving him an international perspective that is essential in today's workplace.

  • He is respected for his ability to develop his presentation focused on his clients' themes and challenges.

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